1. Screaming Silence

From the CD "Breaking
the Silence"
The Trust Project

Silence" CD

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1. Bad Dream
2. Run in the Shadow
3. Take a Ride
4. I've Got to Know
5. Love and Shadow
6. Love That I Found
7. You'll See
8. Why Can't You Feel
9. We'll Leave
10th Degree

"Bad Dreams"

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insert:  $3.00
1. His Eye Is On the
2. My God Is More Than
3. Holy Holy Holy
(Praise Him and Lift
Him Up)
4. There Is Power
5. En El Principio
6. I Will Praise You Lord
(With All of My Heart)
7. Draw Me Close to You
8. Jesus Love Me
9. Shout (With a Voice
of Triumph)
10. Let It Rise
11. Lord I Lift Your
Name of High
The Eli Kathy

"With All of My

New, unsealed:  
1. We`ll Be Allright
2. Worn In
3. Spread The Love
4. All Dressed Up
5. Don`t Be Sad
6. Sumkinda Sumthin
7. Bluesona Slonite
8. Savin` It Up For You
9. Lucky At Love
10. Night Creeper
11. You Can`t Be
Lucky All The Time
12. Grindin` Bump
13. Thanks Alot
Gary Kendall

"Dusty & Pearl"

New, unsealed:  
1. Cry Of Love
2. Can't Make You Mine
3. Nothing Without You
4. Where Angels Walk
5. Everything I Need
6. Brave New World
7. Unholy Union
8. Carry On
9. Love Won't Win
10. Into The Sun
Kings Road

"Where Angels

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1. All I Have is Today

From the CD "Farm
Fresh Onions"
Robert Earl Keen

"All I Have Is
Today" CD Single

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1. God Spoke
2. The Light I See
3. Let Me Luv U
4. Forever
5. The Great I Am
6. Time
7. Whisper on the Wind
8. The Haunting
7 Thunders

"Ride the Music
Play it Loud"

New, unsealed:  
1. Horenu
2. Techezena
3. Horeni
4. Dancer

"Black Fire"

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