1. Texasee
2. Billy the Kid Rides
3. Bob Bradlee, Tv
4. Here Today
5. Selmer Tennessee
6. Indian Eyes
7. Aron Presley
8. Tops of the Trees
9. Million Ways to Die
10. In the Real World
11. W Road Ghost
12. Paul Is Dead
13. The Tower
14. My Hero
15. Too Young to Die
16. Lower Broad
Luke Powers


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1. How Am I To Be
2. Lady Love Me
3. Fall
4. Just Like Heaven
5. Map To Where You
6. Dig A Little Deeper
7. Sky Open Up
8. Bar Woman Blues
9. Only You
10. Old Ways
11. Waves
The Watson Twins

"Fire Songs"

New, unsealed:  
1. How Am I to Be

CD single from "Fire
The Watson Twins

"How Am I to Be"
CD Single

New, unsealed:  
1. Intro
2. A Little
3. What's Wrong With
4. Is It Just Me
5. No Way
6. Give Me More
7. In Vain
8. No Suicide
9. Let Me Hold You
10. Favourite Grown
11. Been a Long Time
12. Dolphin's Smile
ceo z

"Not Your Enemy"

New, unsealed:  
1. Bonfire Dreamin
2. Grasslands
3. Kawa's Song
4. Sandscape
5. She Dances
6. Night Hunt
7. The Firedance
8. Shakti
9. Somtimes It Rains
10. Good Medcine
11. Ardere
Jay Atwood


New, unsealed:  
1. Brother
2. Cinnamon
3. Message
4. Sunday Morning
5. Help Me, Help You
6. Not Worthy
7. Memory
8. Love Ya Anyway
9. Vision
10. Does Anyone Care?
11. Where Ya Been?
12. Just A Man
13. Nuclear
14. I'm with you
15. Temptation


New, unsealed:  
1. May Morning Dew Dolores
2. Hide And Seek West Of
3. The Long Road Home
Marian Bradford  
4. The Sea Briege Murphy
5. Annie Moore Melanie O
6. The Dam Song Rosemary
7. I Still Hear Your Voice
Marian Bradfield  
8. Sunset Over Cornwall
Siobhán Skates
9. This Place Melanie O Reilly
10. Haven For My Heart
Briege Murphy     
11. Sister And Brother
Dolores Keane         
12. Please Don t Set Me Free
Marian Bradfield         
Various Artists

"Celtic Spirit:  
Celtic Journeys"

New, unsealed:  
1. The Expresso Isn't
the Only Thing Making
My Heart Jump
2. Coffee
3. Stranger
4. Two Days to
5. Winners May be
6 Live Out Loud
7. Mechanic/I Love Hate
Katy Marosok

"1 Girl Band"

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